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For you that do not have the center factory windscreen nor the black mesh inserts in your roll bars, here is a inexpensive solution to solve that problem.

Porsche charges over $650 for the three pieces to make you car semi-wind resistant. My windscreen is only $135.00 plus $20.00 shipping anywhere in the US and $37.50 to Canada. ( check with me of worldwide shipping charges)

Installation takes minutes.

All I need to know is your year of your Boxster as pre 2005 are different from post 2005.
For installation instructions of questions use my e mail address of Asenoff@aol.com


Amazing - No Whistling

While browsing these forums (and a few others) since getting my Boxster a few weeks ago, I have been considering a wind screen. After seeing Jay's ad and reading the threads about them, I decided to look into it more.

It turns out he lives about 30 miles from me! So I shot him an email and we discussed my needs - he then invited me to come up and offered to do the actual install for me if I decided to get one.

I went up today (BEAUTIFUL drive and home in the Georgia mountains) and Jay installed a full wind blocker for me.

It took only two screws in the roll bar and two small strips of padded tape to damper the minor vibration of skipping the other 2 screws (to avoid unnecessary holes).

I then proceeded to head home with the top down, side windows up and the new windscreen securely installed. It was awesome - for the first time in my car I was able to enjoy the drive without having my my head battered about the cabin by the wind.

There was no whistling, no extraneous noise and best of all I also didn’t need to have the cabin heat on 80 to enjoy the ride (it was in the high 50s but sunny today).

Anyway, I took a few pictures of the install, and after having the car cleaned tomorrow I will post them and some 'after' shots.

I just wanted to throw it out there that it's a great screen, looks nice and that Jay is an absolutely great and quite energetic almost 80 year old man who was a pleasure to deal with.

Thanks to the forums for pointing me his way.

Scott Mcdaniel